Permanent pipe relining you can count on​

Yarrow Plumbing services

At Yarrow Plumbing, we’ve invested in pipe relining technology, training and specialist equipment – so that we can deliver lasting pipe repairs without digging or excavating.

Our pipe relining technicians lead the way in non-destructive pipe repairs. If you’re looking for plumbing services you can rely on, we’re here to help.

Pipe relining services

We provide pipe relining services for councils, corporate, industrial and construction businesses in Brisbane and surrounds. Our pipe relining technicians at Nuflow Brisbane South, Nuflow Ipswich and Nuflow Logan are experts in no-dig pipe repairs and ready to help.

How does pipe relining work?

Essentially, we create a new, strong pipe inside your existing broken pipe. We use a felt pipe liner infused with epoxy resin, which we pull into your pipes with ropes using your existing access points. This means we don’t need to dig to access the broken pipe – great for situations where the repairs are happening under a road or concrete slab.

The resin creates a watertight seal against the old pipes, preventing leaks, halting corrosion, and stopping tree root intrusion. When the resin has set, the repaired pipe is structurally even stronger than most other brand new pipes.

Is pipe relining right for you?

If your pipes are continuously becoming blocked, even after a plumber has cleared them out, there could be a crack that is catching debris. This means that no matter how many times your pipes are unblocked, the problem is likely to return. Pipe relining solves this by smoothing off the cracks and improving flow.

If you have any of the below plumbing problems, pipe relining could be right for you:

  • Tree root intrusion that keeps coming back
  • Recurring blocked pipes
  • Collapsed drain
  • Broken pipe under a concrete slab
  • Broken pipe under a road
  • Concrete inside sewer pipe

Blocked pipe repairs

Historically, fixing broken pipes meant that they needed to be dug up and completely replaced. Now, with new technology like pipe relining, it’s possible to fix broken pipes without digging at all. 

Before we reline broken pipes, we first need to clear them out. We do this with specialist equipment like hydro jets that deliver a high pressure water blast to cut through debris. 

CCTV drain inspections

With CCTV drain inspections, we’re able to find the exact location of any breaks or blockages in pipes. We can provide a comprehensive audit of your pipes, giving you a clear view of your plumbing structure and highlighting any problem areas. 

We document our inspection, and take before and after footage of any pipe relining projects. After the job is done, we share a copy with you so you can see for yourself that the job is done right. 


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